Welcome message from the Ambassador

It is a distinct honour to represent the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the Russian Federation. With the countries’ diplomatic relations stretching back to 1837, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s longstanding bond with the Russian Federation draws its strength from our shared interest in promoting peace, development, and prosperity. I am honoured to contribute and build further upon this solid foundation.

Historically, Afghanistan has stood Centre- stage during major regional and global events. From the conquests of Alexander, the great to the emergence of Afghan empires and from the Cold War, to the joint fight for regional and global security. Afghanistan’s destiny has been linked with the political evolution in the region and the world. During the past few years, the Russian Federation has held a central role in the development of the Afghan economy and infrastructure – a highly valued contribution which we are grateful for.

Afghanistan is culturally rich, naturally endowed and strategically located. As we are unlocking our tremendous potential to grow and prosper, it is time for our partner to stay engaged, join and support President Ghani vision and Afghan Government strategies to secure a brighter future for our citizens. Our vision is to make Afghanistan once again a crossroads of trade, commerce cultures and civilizations.

The emergence of a stable, democratic, and thriving Afghanistan, eager to cooperate, is a great asset for the global and national security. During my tenure as Ambassador, I will make every effort to serve my Afghan community in the Russian Federation. In doing so, I am looking forward to being guided and supported by the Afghan Communities and diaspora in Russia, as a significant human capital and key asset for both Afghanistan and the Russian Federation.