Embassy team took part in the mini-football tournament

05 Apr 2021

The team of the Embassy of Afghanistan in Russia took part in the mini-football tournament among amateur teams of embassies and diasporas of the CIS, SCO and BRICS countries, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the 20th anniversary of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

16 teams of embassies and diasporas, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, banks, TV companies, airlines and other institutions of Russia competed for the main cup of the championship. In a hard - fought fight, the team of "Aeroflot" won, the second place was taken by the representatives of "Mir" broadcasting company, and the third - by the team of "Sportmaster". Congratulations to the winners!

The team of the Embassy of Afghanistan showed itself well at the championship: after defeating the team of the Russian Foreign Ministry and despite the unfortunate defeat of the team of "Sportmaster", our team reached the quarterfinals, in which they played with friends from the Embassy of Tajikistan. The bright match ended with the victory of the team of the Embassy of Tajikistan, which eventually took the 4th place, and the scorer of the team was recognized as the best in the championship. Thank you, friends, for an interesting game!

The team of Afaganistan took the 7th place at the end of the tournament.

The Embassy of Afghanistan expresses its gratitude to the Organizing Committee of the tournament, which organized a real celebration of sports for all participants and spectators. Such championships are another reason to recall the friendship of the peoples of different countries and the need to unite to strengthen international relations.