Afghan President opens Kamal Khan dam in Nimroz province

31 Mar 2021

An event of historic significance occurred last week in Afghanistan: after almost 50 years, the Kamal Khan dam in Nimroz province was finally launched. The opening ceremony was attended by the President of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, as well as the First and Second Vice-Presidents, Amrullah Saleh and Mohammad Sarwar Danish. It is noteworthy that the opening of the dam took place a few days after World Water Day, on which the UN reminded countries of the importance of creating conditions for ensuring public access to clean water.

Due to the fighting in the country, the construction of an important strategic facility on the Helmand River, which began in 1974, was constantly postponed. Finally, the dam is operational and will irrigate 174,000 hectares of land in three counties, provide water to the center of Nimroz province, and generate 9 megawatts of energy.

Nimroz is a remote from Kabul province of Afghanistan, so the opening of the dam there is of great importance for the whole country. It is expected that the launch of the dam will contribute to the development of agriculture in the province.