Ambassador Jawad visited the KAMAZ plant

21 Jul 2021

The leader in the production of large-capacity trucks in Russia and one of the largest car factories in the world, which produced the first electric bus in Russia; the number of cars produced is approaching 2.5 million with 30-40 thousand cars every year - these are amazing facts about the KAMAZ plant in Naberezhnye Chelny, where Ambassador Jawad met today with Deputy General Director Rustam Shamsutdinov.



During the excursion, Ambassador Jawad and delegation discussed with the company's management the possibilities of expanding the KAMAZ market in Afghanistan, prospects for cooperation in the field of purchasing equipment for ground transport, as well as partnership in the field of repair and maintenance of trucks previously purchased by Afghanistan - which have long been familiar to the Afghan people and have proven their efficiency and reliability for decades. It is no coincidence that the Argamak horse (Akhal-Teke horse) on the KAMAZ emblem is a symbol of unpretentiousness and perseverance in working in any conditions.