Ambassador Jawad visited Russian State Social University

24 Jun 2021

Ambassador Said T. Jawad, head of the Ambassador's office Sohrab Barya and the Embassy's cultural attache visited the Russian State Social University and met with the leadership of the RSSU, Afghan students of the university, and also visited the museum of The Comintern and the RSSU Scientific Library.



At the meeting, the rector Natalia Borisovna Pochinok told
about the history of the university, the activities and scientific capabilities.

The Rector stressed the fruitful nature of the cooperation of the RSSU with the Embassy and expressed interest in scientific and educational cooperation with Kabul University, and also stated her readiness to work on joint research projects with Afghan partners.  

Ambassador Jawad thanked the rectorate of the RSSU for the invitation and for training specialists for Afghanistan, and also once again stressed the readiness to help strengthen cooperation between universities of Afghanistan and Russia.

During the meeting with the Ambassador, the students expressed their suggestions for improving the quality of education. Ambassador Jawad especially stressed the importance of professional training, support for each other, the creation of a student association, and also promised to assist in solving the existing educational problems of students.

At the moment, about 18,000 students study at the RSSU, including 31 citizens of Afghanistan.