Meeting with the Russian Union of Writers

02 Apr 2021

Admiring Russia’s rich literature and art, the Afghan people value the historic and cordial ties between both countries and endeavor to maintain and develop them further. This was discussed at a meeting between the Ambassador of Afghanistan to Russia, Said T. Jawad; Vladimir Boyarinov, Chairman of the Moscow City organization of the Union of Writers of Russia; Vladimir Masalov, Secretary of the Union of Writers of Russia; Omar Nangyar, Deputy Head of the Business center of Afghan Diaspora in Moscow, and Somaia Ramish, an Afghan poet in Moscow.

Ambassador Jawad noted that the diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and Russia hold more than a century of rich history. As the author of the book The First Flamenco in Samangan, Ambassador Jawad also emphasized that it is time to plan and expand cooperation between the cultural and literary institutions of Afghanistan and Russia.

The translation of works by Afghan poets like Somaia Romish will further strengthen Afghan-Russian relations, as will the translation of modern Russian literature into Pashto and Farsi.

Vladimir Boyarinov and Vladimir Masalov expressed the idea of creating a link and a bridge between the Embassy of Afghanistan in Russia and the Union of Writers of Russia. The establishment of direct ties between the Unions of Writers of Afghanistan and Russia in the near future will enhance bilateral relations and contribute to the expanding friendship between the nations.

During the meeting, parties exchanged experiences and ideas on a wide range of issues, noting that a collection of short stories and poems by Afghan and Russian authors in Russian, Dari and Pashto is being prepared. Furthermore, it was concluded that practical steps should be taken to publish a joint book as soon as possible. The publication of the collection will be an important milestone in the cultural lives of Afghanistan and Russia.