Embassy representatives at the Forum of Young Diplomats in Kazan

02 Aug 2021


On July 28-29, during the International Economic Summit of Russia and the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation «Russia — Islamic world: KazanSummit 2021», the V Forum of Young Diplomats of the OIC Countries was held. 



The main topics of the Forum were the development of diplomacy in the post-covid period, as well as the contribution of the OIC countries to modern international relations. In addition, the problem of collective security in the Middle East was highlighted, the speakers at this session were researchers invited from Iran, Libya, Turkey and France. Sorush Zakeri attended the Forum as a representative of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. During numerous sessions, the participants of the event managed to participate in unique discussions, exchange experiences and ideas.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) was established in 1969 in Rabat. Today the headquarters of the OIC is located in Jeddah, and the organization itself has 57 member states. As one of the founding members of the OIC, Afghanistan actively participates in the meetings of the organization and contributes to its development.

Learn more: https://kazansummit.ru/programme/