About Embassy

Afghan-Russian bilateral relations trace their history back to the beginning of the 20th century: Russia became the first country to recognize the independence of Afghanistan in 1919. May 27 (June 10), 1919 is considered the date of establishment of diplomatic relations.

Two years later, on February 28, 1921, the good-neighborly nature of relations was confirmed by the Treaty of Friendship signed in Kabul between Afghanistan and Russia.

The Ambassador to the Russian Federation is also a non-permanent representative in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova.

Since 2003, the Embassy has moved from Sverchkov Lane and is located on the corner of Povarskaya Street and Skatertny Lane in the building of the old mansion of M. G. Ponizovsky, built in 1903-1904 by the architect L. N. Kekushev. In 1910-1914, the house was rebuilt in the neoclassical style by the architect V. I. Motylev.

Originally built in the Art Nouveau style, today the mansion has mostly neoclassical features. This unique building is distinguished by an interesting facade with crenellated projections, a corner tower, a granite fence of the site with laconic metal grilles.

The interior of the mansion has preserved the spirit of Art Nouveau: stained glass windows, wooden stairs, an incredibly beautiful chandelier made according to the sketches of Kekushev himself, decorate the premises of the building. According to reliable sources of military archives, during the war of 1812, Napoleon stayed here: some of his personal belongings and paintings have been preserved.