Ambassador Jawad presented his credentials to Vladimir Putin

19 May 2021


Afghan Ambassador to Russia Said Tayeb Jawad presented his credentials to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On May 18, 2021, the credentials ceremony was held: Russian President Vladimir Putin received the credentials of 23 newly arrived foreign ambassadors. In his speech, Putin stressed that the peaceful development of Afghanistan is of key importance for security in Central and South Asia. 

The Russian-Afghan dialogue on a wide range of issues is of high importance for both countries and the region as a whole, and Russia supports inter-Afghan negotiations on national reconciliation, including through the SCO. 

Taking into account the high professional qualities of Ambassador Jawad, as well as the long history of fruitful friendly Afghan-Russian relations, it is sure to say that with the appointment of Mr. Jawad as Ambassador to Russia, bilateral relations will reach a new level and will be based on a common interest in building and preserving peace, development and prosperity. 



The full speech of the President, as well as a video of the ceremony, can be found here: