APPOINTMENTS: Applicants MUST book an appointment online prior to coming to the Embassy. Clients with no prior appointment will not be serviced.

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  • VISIT IN PERSON: An applicant MUST visit the Embassy in person on the date and time of their appointment. Applications sent to the embassy via post and/or applications in the absence of the applicant will NOT be processed.
  • APPLICATION: An application form must be filled carefully in BLOCK letters in English and Dari/Pashto for each applicant, with special attention to name and surname’s spelling, date of birth (Day/Month/Year), height, occupation and other specifics and accurate current address in Russian Federation. Application Form can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.
  • TAZKIRA (AFGHAN NATIONAL ID): Applicants must provide their original Tazkira to the Embassy along with the application. If the applicant’s Tazkira is not verified by Ministry of Interior Affairs, a copy of it will be sent to the National Statistics and Information Authority (NSIA) in Afghanistan for verification. A new machine-readable passport will only be issued once the Tazkira is verified by NSIA. All applicants who do not possess verified Tazkiras should apply for Absentee Tazkira.
  • PHOTOS: 2 passport size (4x4.5 cm) recent stamped photographs with a white background is required for an application.
  • OLD Passport: the applicant must return his/her old/ or expired passport to the embassy upon lodging the application.
  • Landing Permit or First Russian Visa: The applicant must provide the Russian visa he/she arrived upon or the Landing permit.
  • CHILDREN: If a child was born in Russia and would like to apply for an Afghan passport, his/her parents, must provide:
    1. Original Tazkira of the parents.
    2. Child’s Birth Certificate must be presented to the Embassy along with the application. The Certificate must contain the parents names.
  • PROOF OF RESIDENCE: The applicant must provide a copy of the Russian Residence Permit.
  • EXPRESS/REGISTERED SELF-ADDRESSED RETURN ENVELOPE: The applicants are required to provide an Express/Registered self-addressed envelope.